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Digital IGBT Inverter DC Stick
-- IGBT control, has many kinds of protection functions.
    • ZX7-315D(II)
    • ZX7-400D(II)

    1.Adopt international standard digital control IGBT inverter technology, use microprocessor to control accurately, stable arc by constant current characteristics;
    2.Hot start function, insure enough melting deepness, prevent welding rod from cling to base metal,control splash effectively;

    3.Have convenient TIG function, waterproof and moisture-proof;

    4.The machine can work normally when input voltage range is in +15%~-20%;

    5.Suitable for all kinds of alkaline and acidic welding rods, welding of the stainless steel, carbon steel.





     Rated primary coltage


     3 phase 380±10%

     Rated primary input




     Output current range




     Rated duty cycle




     Max no-load voltage




     Rated load voltage




     No-load loss




     Rod diameter




     Overall dimensions








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