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    IGBT Inverter DC STICK
    Description:--Adopt advanced inverter technology, stable and smooth arc by constant current characteristics; ...
    IGBT Inverter DC Stick
    Model:ZX7-140i(II)/200i(II) /200Hi(II)
    Description:--Adopt advanced inverter technology, used import IGBT components, stable and smooth arc by constant current characteris...
    Digital IGBT Inverter DC Stick
    Description:-- IGBT control, has many kinds of protection functions. ...
    Digital IGBT Inverter DC Stick
    Description:--IGBT control, soft contact key and digital display, can memory ten group welding parameters....
    SCR DC Stick
    Description:-- Adopt IC thyristor controlled technology, current stepless adjust, with adjusting function of ignite arc current and...
    Digital IGBT Inverter Multioperator DC Stick
    Description:The most advanced digital technology, light, simple and easy to maintain; Advanced inverter technology,20% electricity l...
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