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    Digital IGBT Inverter air plasma cutting machines
    Model:CUT-Di series
    Description:--Adopt international standard digital control IGBT inverter technology,use microprocessor to control accurately,cutting...
    Digital IGBT inverter DC TIG/MMA 
    Model:WS7-Di series
    Description:--Adopt advanced inverter technology, used import IGBT component, have the very good constant current characteristic, fo...
    Digital Single Pulse MIG/MAG welding machine
    Model:SKR-SP series
    Description:1. Adopt the integrated circuit, IGBT inverter power source technology 2. Welding current, voltage separated adjustment...
    IGBT AC/DC pulse TIG/MMA welding machines  
    Description:--Adopt international standard digital control IGBT inverter technology, use microprocessor to control accurately, easil...
    Digital double pulse multi-function MIG/MAG welding machine
    Model:SKR-DP series
    Description:1.adopt digital control system, digital wire feed control system. 2.welding data base inside, intelligent combining par...
    Inverter MIG/MAG
    Description:--Adopt IGBT Inverter technology, operate simply and conveniently, welding speed is fast, splash is little and welding i...
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